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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your kind thoughts as I went through a difficult family time.  Many of you already know that I lost my Mom on Jan 10th to a very aggressive cancer.  Larry and I had to cancel some bookings, as I had moved to my mom's house to care for her during her illness.  We both appreciate the kindness and understanding shown by the club owners/entertainment directors and, of course by all of you. We hope to see you soon!

Prayers and good thoughts needed for our special friends going through the misery of any illness or misfortune!  Please say a prayer for them!  You know that those of you who are enduring these hardships are always in our thoughts and prayers.  MUCH LOVE TO YOU! 


Let's all have a SAFE and FABULOUS 2015!

Dance and live life to the fullest!! 

Many of you know that Larry and I are actively involved in "Dog Rescue".  We encourage everyone to SPAY AND NEUTER their pets.  There are so many companion animals already in Rescue and in the Shelters that need new homes.  It seems a shame to add to the  pet population when animals are being euthanized every day because there are just too many and not enough homes for them.  PLEASE be a responsible pet owner and get your pets spayed or neutered.  It's healthier for them and a lot less headaches for you!  And, if you're looking for a new pet, please adopt from a Rescue or Shelter.  You can go to www.petfinders.org to find a listing of available pets in your area.  

(This is "Brutus", our Shih Tzu, that we rescued and adopted.  He calls me "MAMA"!) 


You can contact us via e-mail below:

larry@larryandteri.com    or    teri@larryandteri.com


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